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Improving Health Outcomes for Diverse Populations (Series) Part 3: Cultural Humility in the Behavioral Health Space

1:00pm - January 26, 2021 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Central East PTTC
Registration Deadline: January 26, 2021
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Behavioral Health Staff support diverse populations throughout the day that may have cultural backgrounds different from their own. It is imperative that workers build a bridge of understanding to better communicate and relate to a broad range of clients. Cultural Humility is a tool that allows workers to explore the culture of others as they explore themselves. Cultural Humility is achieved through respect, open mindedness, and a willingness to learn about diversity. This workshop explores the dynamics of cultural humility and how it can help bridge the gap between staff and diverse clients. “Cultural competence is widely seen as a foundational pillar for reducing disparities through culturally sensitive and unbiased quality care”- (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)


  • Participants will define cultural humility.
  • Participants will understand cultural humility as a dynamic process that involves self-reflection & self-examination.
  • Participants will examine potential barriers to achieving cultural humility.
  • Participants will use strategies to employ cultural humility in client engagement and delivery to reduce behavioral health disparities.


Anthony PresidentAnthony President is a Certified Trainer with the Institute for Human Services, Ohio Human Services Training Program, Author and Executive Coach. He holds a BA in Sociology from John Carroll University. He has served with distinction as the Senior Training Officer, for Cuyahoga County Human Services and worked with fragile families as a Social Services Worker. Anthony has over 20 years training experience in both the public and private sector on a variety of Human Service and Employee Development topics.