Implementing Evidence-Based Prevention Approaches Webinar Series

This is a four-part webinar series hosted by the Central East PTTC that focuses on implementing evidence-based prevention approaches.Central East Webinar Series image mini


March 6 Webinar Calendar Icon

  Part 1: How to Implement an Evidence-Based Approach Through Strategic Planning
  Josh Esrick, MPP
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May 30 Webinar Calendar Icon

  Part 2: Understanding Risk and Protective Factors and Identifying Factors in Your Community
  Josh Esrick, MPP, and moderated by Lauren Pappacena, MSW
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July 18 icon

  Part 3: Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies
  Josh Esrick, MPP, and Emily Patton, MSc, PgDip
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Sept 19 icon

  Part 4: Engaging in Collaborative Prevention Efforts
  Josh Esrick, MPP, and Lauren Pappacena, MSW
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