ITTC Launch

ITTC Network Launch!

Publication Date: Feb 04, 2021

The International Technology Transfer Center (ITTC) Network is officially launching on February 24th. Please join them for the ITTC Virtual Launch on February 24th at 9:00 am Eastern. Register here.


The ITTC would like help spreading the word!

Participate in the ITTC Promotional Challenge! Once you have completed a small promotional task, let us know by logging your accomplishment through this form. We will honor those who have contributed to promoting the ITTCs during the launch and on the ITTC website.

ITTC Promotional Challenge 1: Create a post on Twitter telling your followers about the ITTCs. Use the hashtag #WelcomeITTCs in your post.

ITTC Promotional Challenge 2: Like or follow the ITTC Network Facebook page from your personal Facebook account and from your organization’s page.

ITTC Promotional Challenge 3: Register for the ITTC Virtual Launch Event!