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Survey Opportunity with the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence

Publication Date: Mar 30, 2022


Would you like to participate in a 10-minute survey to identify barriers and successes to acquiring recovery funding across the United States?


SAMHSA’s Peer Recovery Center of Excellence is collecting information from across the United States. The results will be used to provide recommendations to SAMHSA and to inform future policy as well as training and technical assistance resources.


To participate: Please reach out to Stephanie Spitz at [email protected] to receive a unique survey link!  For more information to see if your organization is a good fit, please review the sections below.


Qualifiers for participants:

If you are a leader of your organization in the ecosystem of recovery—an Executive Director, President, Director, Manager, or another decision maker—we want to hear from you! Recovery Community Organizations, Peer Recovery Organizations, or any other types of organizations that provide recovery support services are part of the “ecosystem of recovery” and deserve to be heard! 



Expectations of the survey are that you will be asked to describe your organization's challenges and successes in acquiring recovery funding. All your survey responses will be strictly confidential and only included anonymously, in aggregate, in study reports. Do note that only one person from your organization needs to fill out the survey. If you'd like to join in a focus group to discuss the items in the survey further, you can check a box for that as well and we'll reach out to you. In essence, this survey is part of a needs assessment to inform the government about ways to optimize recovery funding. This will inform us to help create true reform in the field of recovery support services. We can't do it without you!



This Needs Assessment is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the US Department of Health & Human Services (grant number H79TI083022). It is being conducted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Missouri-Columbia (Institutional Review Board Protocol #2080542).