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Mountain Plains - TTC (MP-ATTC, MP-MHTTC, MP-PTTC) Handout

The MP-PTTC collaborated with the other TTCs (MP-ATTC and MP-MHTTC) in HHS Region 8 to create a one-page print/electronic handout describing

Infographic: Understanding Adolescent Marijuana Use

This printable, downloadable inforgraphic describes ways to change perception of harm of adolescent marijuana use. Some data specific to HHS

Scope of Prevention: Selective and Indicated School-Based Prevention Interventions for Students in Secondary School

This webinar will discuss prevention efforts for students who are at risk or currently use substances or have mental health issues. Topics will

Scope of Prevention: Preventing Relapse by Providing Comprehensive Oral Health Care with Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The University of Utah, School of Dentistry has demonstrated an important role for oral health in managing substance-use disorder patients by