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Small Pebbles Make Big Waves - Adding Policy Change Strategies to Substance Misuse Prevention Work, Session 2

Webinar Description The past ten years have ushered in radical changes to alcohol and cannabis policies. From the 2012 legalization of cannabis

Social Determinants of Health & Substance Misuse: Implications for Prevention Planning, Session 2

Webinar Description This virtual learning series explored the connections between the social determinants of health and substance misuse and its

Social Media Video - Effects of Substances on the Teen Body

This 3-minute video describes the effects of the most commonly used substances (E-Cigarettes, Cannabis, & Alcohol) on the developing teen body

RECORDED WEBINAR - Fellowship Symposium: Tools for the Substance Misuse Prevention Workforce on the Changing Landscape of Cannabis in New England

Learn about the six new research-based tools and resources created for the New England substance misuse prevention workforce to support their