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Alcohol Policy Series: Restrictions on Advertising and Community Events

10:00am - March 13, 2020 | Timezone: US/Central
Great Lakes PTTC
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Lawmakers have developed, enacted, and applied a variety of policy strategies that target society- and community-level influences to reduce underage drinking and its associated consequences. This webinar will highlight two evidence-based policies: 

  • Restrictions at Community Events designed to reduce commercial availability of alcohol to underage youth
  • Restrictions on Advertising aimed reducing youth exposure to pro-alcohol messages. 

Join us for Part 2:

April 9, 2020  Alcohol Policy Series: Social Host Liability Laws


Chuck Klevgaard

Chuck KlevgaardChuck Klevgaard delivers training and technical assistance to support substance misuse prevention throughout the Midwest. Klevgaard has supported communities and health agencies as they adopt evidence-based alcohol, opioid, and other substance misuse programs or policies. Klevgaard also serves as a prevention manager to the Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center. Klevgaard earned his BSW from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He is a Certified Senior Prevention Specialist through the Illinois Certification Board, Inc.


Kellie HEnrichs Kellie Henrichs is the Program Manager for the Alcohol Policy Resource Center at Prevention First. Kellie brings over two decades of successful experience in substance misuse prevention and policy work. A subject matter expert in youth prevention education, communication campaigns, strategic planning, and community coalitions, Kellie regularly provides training and technical assistance to providers throughout Illinois. Kellie works with communities to reduce underage drinking by analyzing data, identifying contributing factors, implementing policy efforts, and engaging law enforcement. A strong believer that communities have the power to create change, Kellie works to empower key stakeholders, community leaders, and coalitions to work together to address underage drinking. Kellie enjoys spending time with her husband and teenage children and experiencing the adventures and misadventures life has to offer.