10 Ways

10 Ways Your Community Can Create A Positive Alcohol Environment

Publication Date: Nov 22, 2019

The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to promote community-level policies that prevent and reduce alcohol misuse. 

The project created the infographic, Ten Ways Your Community Can Create a Positive Alcohol Environment, to encourage and support community discussions on reducing excessive alcohol use.

"Municipalities have the ability and the authority to improve the community alcohol environment," says Julia Sherman, director of the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project. "The goal was a roadmap that nudges communities towards the policies and practices that will reduce alcohol misuse. Big community changes are often the result of hundreds of small changes. We selected ten steps that citizens and communities in Wisconsin should consider based on epidemiological data. Many don't even require policy changes, just the political willpower to implement them. A gifted artist, S.V.Medaris, took the idea and created a whimsical community to illustrate our serious suggestions." 

Download a copy for your community discussion today!

10 Ways