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Alcohol Use in the COVID-19 Era: Sept. 22 Panel Discussion

Publication Date: Sep 10, 2020

Join us for a panel discussion of alcohol use behavior, policy, and treatment in the age of COVID-19

The PTTC Network Coordinating Office brings together three expert panelists for this presentation in a discussion of changes to alcohol use behaviors, policy, and treatment following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Denis McCarthy, University of Missouri, will review changing attitudes and alcohol use behavior, and discuss adaptation to safe drinking strategies. Julie Sherman of the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project will highlight policy changes and emerging opportunities to rethink availability. Finally, Kamilla Venner, University of New Mexico, will review adaptions to alcohol use treatment specifically with native communities. Time will be reserved for discussion and question & answer.

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The World Health Organization offers this infographic on alcohol and COVID-19:

WHO Infographic on Alcohol Use and COVID19