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Prevention Perk Podcast
Episode 69: Technology, the Future of Prevention
March 17, 2023

My guests for this episode are Dr. Evelyn Higgins and Jacqueline Hall from Wired for Addiction.  Dr. Higgins, an international expert in the epidemiology of addiction, works to inspire communities to talk openly about mental health and addiction from a solutions-oriented perspective.

Ms. Hall is the COO of Wired for Addiction She works as the liaison to ensure that criminal justice, state and federal government; along with the medical community and others have access to the pioneering services they provide.

The funder of this project, along with all other products of the Mid-America PTTC is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Although funded by SAMHSA, the content of this recording does not necessarily reflect the views of SAMHSA. Learn all about SAMHSA, who they are, the various centers they support, council’s they lead, even their strategic plan and employment opportunities. Visit  for more information.  

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View Dr. Higgins Tedx Talk: