American Indian Substance Misuse/Abuse Prevention Resources


The following are Substance Misuse/Abuse Prevention Resources for Native Providers in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.



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NAIAN 3The National American Indian & Alaska Native PTTC (NAIAN PTTC) is great resource for Tribal Members and those who work with tribal members in substance misuse/abuse prevention. The NAIAN PTTC's mission is "to strengthen and promote systematic behavioral health practice improvements for Native providers in order to honor and contribute to the health and well-being of tribal and urban Indian communities".

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Current Events

Connecting Prevention SpecialConnecting Prevention Spec ists to Native Communities

Hosted by the National American Indian & Alaska Native Prevention Technology Transfer Center

Monthly Trainings in 2021: Jul 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17

Virtual Trainings for prevention specialists to support our Native communities. Topics such as: crisis response, creating safe spaces to heal, sexual assault awareness, youth engagement, food sovereignty, etc. 

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Technology Transfer Center (TTC) Resources: 


MHTTC Strengthening Resilience Among Indigenous Youth TrainingStrengthening Resilience Among Indigenous Youth Training, (Booklet). Mountain Plains MHTTC, January 2021. 



Healing our ProtectorsHealing Our Protectors: Building Resilience Among Tribal Law Enforcement Officers Through Cultural Intervention, (Toolkit). Mountain Plains MHTTC, May 2021







The Roles of Culture and Collaboration in Preventing Suicide and Substance Misuse in Indigenous Communities, (Webinar). Pacific Southwest PTTC, February 2021. 


Substance Use Prevention in Native Communities... Initiating and Sustaining Meaningful Connections Across Cultures, (Webinar). Pacific Southwest PTTC, September 2020. 


National Resources

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Regional Resources:

More Resources to come


Alcohol Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Ute Indian Tribe. 


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