Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month

Publication Date: Apr 13, 2023
Alcohol Awareness Month

April is

Alcohol Awareness Month

Check out these resources below on Alcohol Prevention and Awareness


National Resources:

How and Why to Drink Less Alcohol, (Webpage). CDC, March 2023

Alcohol Facts and Statistics, (Webpage). NIH, 2023

Why Drinking Less Matters, (Webpage). CDC, May 2022

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month, (Resource Website)., 2023


Region 8 State Resources:

Parents Empowered, (Campaign). Parents Empowered Utah, 2023

Not In My House, (Campaign). North Dakota Prevention, 2023

Parents Lead, (Campaign). Parents Lead, 2023

Parenting Montana, (Webpage). Parenting Montana, 2023

Rise Above Colorado, (Webpage). Rise Above Colorado, 2023


PTTC Resources:

Alcohol Awareness Toolkit, (Toolkit). Northwest PTTC, April 2023

Alcohol: Research & Resources, (Resource Page). Mountain Plains PTTC, 2023