FrameWorks Tools to Tell a New Story about Young People

Publication Date: Apr 01, 2021

A new online toolkit from the FrameWorks Institute includes communications resources that advocates, young people, etc. can use to tell a new story about this time of life and the people in it. 

The toolkit includes the following resources:

Core Story of Adolescence: A short narrative with well-framed information that can be included in communications materials.

What to do: An outline of what the public thinks about this issue and what we can do about it.

Six strategies for reframing the conversation: A guiding document on what to emphasize, what to explain, and what to leave unsaid in our communications, with examples of reframed messages.

Dos and don’ts: A list of key ideas to include and avoid when creating stories and messages.

A metaphor message card: Tips on how to effectively use tested metaphors to explain key concepts from the science of development.

A slide presentation: Key points from the Core Story, ready to drop into your own presentations.