SAMHSA/SMI-Advisor My Mental Health Crisis Plan App: Now Available

Publication Date: Oct 02, 2020

My MHCP (Mental Health Crisis Plan) app, created by SAMHSA, will help people who have serious mental illness to develop a crisis plan:

    The app provides an easy, step-by-step process for individuals to created and share a psychiatric advance directive (PAD). A PAD is a legal document that includes a list of instructions an dpreferences that the individual wishes to be followed in case of a mental health crisis, should they not be able to make their own decisions. 

My Mental Health Crisis Plan app allows individuals with serious mental illness to:

  • Clearly state treatment preferences, including treatments to use and those not to use; medications to use and those not to use; preferences for hospitals; and preferences for doctors and other mental health professionals.
  • Decide who can act on their behalf, by designating a trusted person (sometimes referred to as “healthcare agent,” “proxy,” or “health care power of attorney”) as a decision-maker on their behalf. Some states require appointment of a decision-maker to carry out the PAD instructions.
  • Identify whom to notify in the event of a mental health crisis.
  • Share the plan with others, including doctors, other members of the care team, and family and friends. 


To read the full SAMHSA Press Announcement, click here: New SAMHSA App Will Help People Who Have Serious Mental Illness to Develop a Crisis Plan 


You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play