Suicide Prevention Mn

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Publication Date: Aug 31, 2020

National Suicide Prevention Month September 2020

National Suicide Prevention Week: September 6-12, 2020
World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10, 2020


Below are resources for National Suicide Prevention month:





Suicide Prevention


The Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides different brochures/materials and images to help spread the word about how to help someone in a mental health crisis. 





#BeThe1To is the Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline's message for Nation Suicide Prevention Month. They have different images and challenges you can share on social media. 






The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month shares many informational resources, images and ways to increase awareness on social media. 


Keep Going





The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website focuses on different events throughout the country for the month, social graphics you can share on social media, and resources/programs about suicide prevention. 




The CDC's Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan focuses on using data, science, and partnership to identify and implement effective suicide prevention strategies to foster healthy and resilient communities across the United States. 






The LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention Resource Centers web page has information and resources to help with suicide prevention in this population.





Suicide Prevention, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Mental Health Colorado

Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado (SPCC)

Colorado Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP Colorado Chapter



Suicide Prevention, DPHHS

Suicide Prevention Information and Resources, DPHHS

Montana Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP Montana Chapter


North Dakota:

Suicide Prevention, ND Behavioral Health Human Services

North Dakota Suicide Prevention Coalition

North Dakota Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP North Dakota Chapter


South Dakota:

South Dakota Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention, South Dakota Department of Health

South Dakota Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP South Dakota Chapter



Substance Abuse and Mental Health, DHS

Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition

SafeUT Crisis Chat & Tip Line

Utah Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP Utah Chapter



Injury & Violence Prevention Program, Wyoming Department of Health

Wyoming Suicide Prevention Resource Center

AFSP Wyoming Chapter