Native Food is Medicine: Providing Emotional/ Resilient Support for AI/AN Youth through the Healing Power of Food - Part 4

2:00pm - July 28, 2022 | Timezone: US/Central
National American Indian & Alaska Native PTTC
Registration Deadline: July 28, 2022


Join us as we share our cultural connection to food, apply a balanced way of eating, and incorporate Indigenous traditions into our lives with the healing power of food. We welcome Dr. Vanessa Quezada (Kickapoo/Chichimeca). She is a pharmacist and founding member of SanArte Healing and Cultura clinic ( Her work is at the intersections of Native traditional healing, food sovereignty and renewable energy that build more life-giving systems.

Participants will become knowledgeable in providing emotional/ resilient support for AI/AN youth. Our school communities will develop healthier eating habits for successful outcomes in and out of the classroom.

We will reflect upon our cultural connections to food and discuss the importance of sugar stability in the body as related to mental health support. We will learn how to adapt a balanced way of eating and discuss the role of stress, sleep and exercise. Together, we will develop plans for improving access to our traditional foods.