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Hombres Buscando Balance - Working With Wounded Men

2:00pm - June 18, 2021 thru 3:30pm - June 18, 2021 | Timezone: US/Eastern
National Hispanic & Latino PTTC
Registration Deadline: June 18, 2021
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This is part 2 of a three-part Virtual Learning Session titled: El Hombre Noble: How to Engage, Embrace and Heal Chicano, Latino Males.

This session will explore the dimentions and dynamics of wounded men. It will provide an overview of how racism, colonization, racial inequity and generational trauma impacts Chicano, Latino Men and the resultant aspects of substance abuse, mental health, gang and domestic violence. It will further share culturally based, trauma informed, healing centered approaches that have proven to be successful.

Session 2 Learning Objectives:

  • Acknowledge the struggles men face because of racial inequity, colonization and generational trauma.
  • Identify practices and processes that allow for men to move beyond just treatment but to actual healing.