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Recorded Webinar - New Conversations for Changing Times in Marijuana Prevention
December 15, 2020

This webinar is one of the New England PTTC's prevention trainings. In this webinar (recorded November 5, 2020), participants will receive a detailed overview of each of the four products in the toolkit. No continuing education is available. Contact us if you have any questions.


Course Summary: Do your marijuana presentations inspire and influence your audiences? Do you know how to pivot - and edit - your content to meet a wide range of audience needs and accommodate ever-shifting and changing policies? Preventionists are called upon to educate a diverse range of community members about the impact of marijuana and presentations are often the vehicle through which that information is relayed. In this 90-minute virtual training, participants will learn practical skills to create compelling marijuana prevention presentations that can be adapted for different audiences, using the tools and resources they already have.


Learning Objectives After this session participants will be able to:

  • Refine their message for unique audience types
  • Edit a wide range of information and carefully select content to avoid information overload
  • Present information in a way that translates and resonates with audiences
  • Use tools and techniques that enhance learning
  • Design compelling, polished visual aids for presentations


Presenters: Jamie Comstock and Robin Carr founded Info Inspired in 2014, after many years of designing and giving presentations with no formal training in this area, and watching their public health colleagues struggle with the same skills gap. Both are certified prevention specialists with 30 years’ combined experience in the field. They’ve spent the last several years researching and testing ways to not only capture and hold an audience’s attention, but to also inspire audiences. They’ve spent countless hours refining the presentation planning process, identifying free resources, and learning how to maximize the tools they already had. It’s also important to know that they aren’t graphic designers, artists, or especially tech savvy. Everything they do, you can do too.


Link to view the recorded webinar (recorded on November 5, 2020).

No continuing education is available. 


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