WEBINAR - Pharmacology for Prevention Specialists: Pharmacology of Psychostimulants (Cocaine & Methamphetamine)

11:00am - October 22, 2020 | Timezone: US/Pacific
Northwest PTTC
Registration Deadline: October 22, 2020
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Join us for the third offering in our pharmacology webinar series. This webinar will explore the pharmacology of psychostimulants with a focus on cocaine and methamphetamines. The presenter will cover how psychostimulant addiction impacts major brain regions and the acute and chronic symptoms associated with cocaine and methamphetamine use. Specific features of psychostimulant dependence and withdrawal will be discussed specifically symptoms that occur when a person is discontinuing their use. The webinar will use Zoom technology and the format will be interactive with ample time for questions.



By the end of the series, participants will be able to:

  1. Define addiction and how it impacts regions of the brain.
  2. Describe the acute and chronic effects of cocaine and methamphetamine use and withdrawal.



Thursday,October 22, 2020: Pharmacology of Psychostimulants (cocaine & methamphetamine)


Other dates in this series:
Thursday, October 8, 2020: Basics of Pharmacology and Alcohol
Thursday, October 15, 2020: Pharmacology of Opioids
Thursday, October 29, 2020: Pharmacology of Cannabis



10:00 am – 11:30 am Alaska
11:00 am – 12:30 pm Pacific
12:00 pm – 01:30 pm Mountain



Community and state-level prevention practitioners, allied health partners and community members, and treatment professionals working to prevent substance misuse in the Northwest Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington).



Ron Jackson, MSW, LICSWRon Jackson, MSW, LICSW, is a Clinical Professor at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work where he teaches courses on addiction and its treatment methods. He recently retired as the Executive Director of Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS), a private non-profit organization, in Seattle, Washington, that provides outpatient opioid treatment in clinics in western Washington and street-based case management services for homeless persons with substance misuse disorders (REACH Program) in Seattle. He served for 10 years as a Co-Principal Investigator for the Washington Node of NIDA’s Clinical Trials Network and is currently on the Advisory Board for the NWATTC.  Mr. Jackson has worked in the field of addiction treatment since 1972.



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Participants will receive a continuing education certificate of 1.5 hours for this live webinar event.



Please contact Clarissa Lam Yuen ([email protected]) for any questions related to registration. For any other questions, please contact Janet Porter ([email protected]).