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Liberating Structures: Fostering Innovation & Active Participation Among Team Members Across Distances


Date: August 4, 2020


Webinar Description

Join us for this exciting webinar to get yourself ready for the Northwest PTTC’s Prevention Leadership Academy to be held virtually this Fall. Liberating Structures (LS) can be referred to as a menu, repertoire, or curated collection of facilitation methods that are designed to be versatile and adaptable in many different situations and local contexts. All of the methods share a set of core principles, purposes, and organizing elements meant to more widely distribute participation - engaging a fuller range of people's intelligence while tapping into the creative promise of difference.  When it comes to coalition-building, LS offer a structured approach that is purposeful, lively, playful, and serious. In this taster session, we hope that you’ll discover some simple ways to complement, enhance, and support your existing practice around community-based work.



Fisher S. Qua brings eclectic skills to his consulting work with a background in history, modern dance, community health improvement, learning & development, and higher education management. He is primarily interested in taking obscure ideas and making them seriously playful. He is intrigued by the potential for organizing and structuring interactions that invite people to contribute more of their imagination, creativity, and intelligence to the challenges-at-hand. Fisher appreciates being lovingly provoked, so bring your most skeptical-selves, your strangest hunches, or your most oblique ideas to the workshop.

Anna Jackson brings an artistic sensibility to her practice with Liberating Structures (LS) and other participatory approaches that aim to affirm people’s rights and personhood. She started out using LS in the mental health recovery movement, peer-based learning and support networks, and facilitating in complex policy, community, and clinical contexts. Since then has worked with LS in a diverse range of domains & settings. Anna has a Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology from the University of California, Davis.


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