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Webinar: Strengthening Families 10-14/Fortaleciendo Familias: Delivery and Impact on Latinx Families
March 29, 2021


Strengthening Families 10-14/Fortaleciendo Familias: Delivery and Impact on Latinx Families


Webinar Date: March 17, 2021


Webinar Description

The evidence-based and culturally-adapted prevention program, Fortaleciendo Familias 10-14, (Strengthening Families), is being delivered both in-person and virtually across communities in the Pacific Northwest Region. This webinar will identify strategies for effective delivery of the program and its impact on Latinx families. Special considerations will also be discussed for meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The webinar will also explore strategies to increase evaluation responses, address the linguistic needs of communities and how to pivot from in-person to virtual delivery.



By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify strategies utilized to address diverse community and family needs of the Fortaleciendo Familias (10-14) program.
  2. Identify strategies for effective delivery of prevention programming with diverse communities.
  3. Explore strategies for adapting a prevention program to meet specific community considerations.



AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, M.EDAnaMaria Diaz Martinez, M.ED, is an Associate Professor and Human and Family Development Regional Specialist with Washington State University Extension. Her research focus is with evidence-based programs (EBPs) to address social-ecological factors through a prevention lens. She is a co-investigator on multiple federal research studies focused on cultural adaptations of evidence-based prevention programs. She is an international consultant with the PanAmerican Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) focusing on taking EBPs and addressing cultural adaptations for an international context.





Claudia Avendarno-Ibarra, MSWClaudia Avendaño-Ibarra, MSW, is a Clinical Social Work Associate Counselor and Community College Tenured Faculty. She has served on various boards such as the: Skagit Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services board, the Skagit Immigrant Rights Counsel, Community Action of Skagit County, the Skagit Regional Health Community Advisory Committee, and is an appointed Commissioner for Housing where she serves as vice-chair. She is a trained Strengthening Families Facilitator. 





Diane SmithDiane Smith is an Associate Professor working with WSU Extension in the North Sound Region, including Skagit and Whatcom County. Her work in Health Promotion focuses on both physical health with programs in Diabetes Prevention and Aging Mastery, and Behavioral Health and the Strengthening Family Program. With 20% of community members being Spanish language speakers, there is a recognition of the need to offer culturally relevant programs to support well-being for all community members.




Webinar Recording

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Webinar Slides

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