HHS Region: Region 8 - Mountain Plains

Title: Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist (CCPS)

Examination:  Applicants must pass the IC&RC International Written Prevention Specialist Examination

Educational / Training Requirements: 

  • 120 hours of prevention specific education. Twenty-four hours of this education must be ATOD specific
  • Applicants must complete the required Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPST) which can account for 31 hours
  • Six hours must be specific to prevention ethics

Prevention Experience: 

  • An applicant must present proof of two years with a minimum of 2,000 hours of prevention experience across all six domains.
  • Applicants must present proof of experience gained in the seven years before submitting an application.

Supervised Prevention Experience: 120 hours specific to the domains with a minimum of ten hours in each domain

Code of Ethics Requirements: 

  • Applicants must sign a prevention specific code of ethics statement or affirmation statement

Advanced Requirements:

Certification & Licensing Board:  Colorado Providers Association (COPA)

Board Website:

Recertification Requirements: 

  • 40 hours of continuing education earned every two years, which must include 3 hours of professional ethics
  • Must have completed the most recent SAPST training

Additional Requirements:

  • An applicant must be currently engaged (e.g. internship, volunteer, employee) in prevention services at the time he or she submits an application
  • Applicants also must live or work at least 51 percent of their time within the state of Colorado