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Image of Advanced Ethics Planning Infographic
Advanced Ethics Planning Series: Session One - Introduction to Advanced Ethics Cultural Humility & Cultural Competence
September 28, 2021

Professional ethical standards are based on values. Values are the basic beliefs that an individual thinks to be true and are also seen as guiding principles in one’s life or the basis on which an individual makes a decision. Join us for a deep dive into how creating equity in program planning is a fundamental ethical practice. We are kicking off the series with a two-part discussion on the role of cultural humility and social justice in prevention ethics.



1. Summarize and apply the basic rules regarding ethics and professional behavior in prevention programming.
2. Recognize specific situations among colleagues in the workplace or within the community where ethics should guide actions.
3. Apply the code of ethics and decision-making process to different scenarios within the Strategic Planning Framework.


Click here to view the Session One Presenter Bios.

To view the recorded webinar click: Advanced Ethics Planning Series: Session One