small spf flowerStrategic Prevention Framework Step 4: Implementation

Implementation, the fourth step of the SPF, involves how the community's planning efforts are put into action. Programs, practices, and policies are delivered following best practices with a balance of fidelity and adaptation to the strategies identified. Below are training resources to support your work. For more implementation resources, visit our tools and examples pages.



PFS Academy 2020: Implementation Webinar Recording

This webinar focuses on balancing fidelity with adaptation, establishing implementation supports, and monitoring the success of prevention efforts.

Building the Prevention Workforce Skill-Base:  How to Select and Implement Prevention Interventions

This webinar by the Central East PTTC reviews existing evidence-based programs and environmental strategies and describes the key considerations for selecting and modifying an intervention.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Prevention Planning and Implementation, Parts 1 & 2

This webinar series by the Great Lakes PTTC, describes how you can use various types and sources of data in planning and implementation and provides practical take away strategies to overcome common barriers to collecting and using data. Link here to Part 1 and Part 2.