Fellowship Symposium: Practical Resources to Address The Root Causes of Substance Misuse in New England(HHS Region 1)

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Join the New England PTTC and the 2023 Fellows to learn about the six new research-based tools and resources created for the New England substance misuse prevention workforce to support their work through practical resources to address the root causes of substance misuse in New England.


Resources include:

-A guide to Social Stories which focus on trauma and behavioral health. These stories cultivate conversations about community health and inclusion and focus on the experiences of Black and African Americans.

- A parent handbook to address root causes of substance misuse that advocates for the health and wellness of people across the lifespan and is rooted in knowledge of mental health, behavioral health, addiction, prevention theory, evidence-based practices, and cultural responsiveness.

-An expanded toolkit on cannabis-related policy improvement in New England to support prevention and public health at a community level.

-A guide for non-traditional community leaders, such as faith-based leaders, which highlights the importance of community organizing, partnership development, and authentic community engagement in preventing, reducing and intervening on trauma and ACES.

- A toolkit for practitioners working with LGBTQIA+ youth to address minority stress, stigma, and discrimination.

- A practical resource for clinicians working with families which will educate about various levels of clinical and peer supports for prevention available in the community. Join us to learn about the RAD Fellowship program, learn about these new products, and ask the Fellows questions.


About the program: The New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center Research and Design (RAD) Fellowship program is an opportunity for professionals who have been in the field of prevention for five or more years to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team to develop an innovative piece of research and accompanying tool for the benefit of the workforce at large. This program will support a seven-month term, during which the Fellows will each create a tool or product around a central, priority subject area. At the end of the program, the Fellows will present their products to the workforce in a symposium meant to demonstrate how the products should and can be used. 

Priority Subject Area for 2022: Practical Resources to Address The Root Causes of Substance Misuse in New England.

To see 2021 and 2022's Fellowship Products on Diversity and Intentional Inclusion in New England, CLICK HERE and HERE.

To read about the 2023 Fellows and their work, CLICK HERE.

Starts: Aug. 17, 2023 10:30 am
Ends: Aug. 17, 2023 12:00 pm
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