Reducing Youth Substance Misuse by Implementing Mental Health Initiatives


This workshop will explore the intersection of youth mental health and substance misuse. Presenters will outline effective strategies and interventions that prevention professionals can implement to improve mental health and reduce substance misuse among youth. 


Evelyn Clark CPCTechnical Assistance Specialist and Racial Equity Trainer, is a Mexican-Native American woman passionate about racial equity, leadership development, and peer support. She has nearly 15 years of experience serving young people and their families who were system involved. Evelyn is a change consultant and racial equity trainer at Change Matrix, a women-owned, minority-owned virtual company serving systems all over the nation and territories. She splits her time between the National Training and technical assistance center for children, youth, and family mental health (NTTAC) and the Mental health technology transfer center (MHTTC). Evelyn is a Certified Peer Counselor and has dedicated her career to empowering young people and their families to get involved in system reform. She is a proud recipient of the 2019 Peer Alternatives youth and young adult leadership award. Her mission is to end racial and ethnic disparities within systems of care and to promote leadership opportunities for the BIPOC workforce.


Since 1996, veteran Derrick Newby has worked in the field of prevention and public health in both the public and private sectors. He serves as a training and technical assistance specialist for the South Southwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center for HHS Region 6.  

As a veteran's counselor and advocate, Mr. Newby gained experience with the impact of federal programs on communities after working as a special assistant to a member of Congress. He then worked as the Program Coordinator in Arkansas for the Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center for 15 years, facilitating the education of providers interested in increasing their capacity to provide comprehensive services related to HIV including testing and treatment. In 2017, he was selected for a position with the University of Arkansas Little Rock and served as a Program Coordinator with MidSOUTH Center for Prevention and Training for 5 years, helping to facilitate the growth of the prevention system.  

Serving on the Arkansas Prevention Certification Board since 2020, Mr. Newby has a Master of Public Administration and a bachelor of science in psychology with a minor in education.



Starts: Aug. 28, 2024 1:00 pm
Ends: Aug. 28, 2024 2:30 pm
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August 28, 2024
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