Xylazine 101 (HHS Region 1)

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This presentation is intended to provide information for public health and prevention professionals about xylazine, a new compound that is in the white powder (opioids and stimulants) drug supply, and its effects. This presentation will discuss what xylazine is, current data on it’s prevalence in the New England region, and effects of xylazine. It will also discuss a harm reduction approach in the setting of patients with substance use disorder, stressing that one can help someone who may not be ready for complete abstinence from harmful drug use.



  • Appreciate the appropriate use of xylazine and why it is not used in humans
  • Learn the “street names” of xylazine
  • Explore the prevalence of xylazine in Rhode Island
  • Understand how to talk to your clients about xylazine
  • Appreciate the subtle differences of what a xylazine overdose response should look like (specifically, when to use Naloxone and rescue breathing)



Cara Zimmerman, MD, MBA, is the Medical Director at Thundermist Health Center and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brown University, where she also serves as the Addiction Medicine Fellowship Community Involvement Coordinator.


About the webinar: This webinar is supported by the New England PTTC, a program funded through cooperative agreement from SAMHSA. Participants will receive a certificate of participation for 1 contact hour (no partial credit awarded). This webinar will be recorded.




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