Informing Prevention: Adolescents Series

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This series focuses on different aspects of prevention regarding adolescents. Participants will learn about adolescent development, engaging adolescents in interventions, how to use epidemiological data effectively, how to use technology for school-based prevention, the effects of drug use on the adolescent brain, and finally vaping among adolescents. 

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Part 1: Understanding Adolescent Development

Presented by: Jason Burrow-Sánchez, PhD

This recorded webinar will provide you with information to describe the prevention model (primary, secondary, tertiary), to define adolescent social developmental milestones and adolescent biological developmental milestones, and to identify how to connect prevention programming with adolescent social/developmental milestones.

Part 1



Part 2: Effectively Engaging Adolescents in Interventions

Presented by: Jason Burrow-Sánchez, PhD

After watching this recorded webinar, you will be able to explain the rates of adolescent engagement in prevention programs, discuss what prevents adolescents from engaging in prevention programs, and also to describe strategies that can be implemented to increase engagement in adolescent prevention programs.

part 2



Part 3: The Effective Use of Epidemiological Data

Presented by: Jason Burrow-Sánchez, PhD

This recorded webinar will help you to explain how to determine the scope of a problem for your target population and also how to demonstrate where to access and ways to analyze epidemiological data.

part 3



Part 4: Effectively Using Technology for School Based Prevention

Presented by: Aaron Fischer, PhD, BCBA-D

During this recorded webinar, you will learn how to discuss how technology can assist in school-based prevention efforts, explain which technologies are best for certain elements of prevention and then describe ways school-based and community providers can promote technology-based prevention efforts.

part 4



Part 5: The Effects of Drug Use such as Marijuana, on Adolescent Brain Development

Presented by: Glen Hanson, PhD, DDS

After watching this recorded webinar, you will ae able to explain the complexity of adolescent brain development, define adolescent vulnerabilities to substance-use, and describe strategies for preventing adolescent substance-use disorder.

part 5



Part 6: Vaping Among Adolescents - What We Know and What We Don't

Presented by: Jason Burrow-Sánchez, PhD

This recorded webinar will help you to discuss the rates of vaping among adolescents and why adolescents vape. Also to describe the social and biological consequences of vaping and explain how to prevent adolescents from vaping.

part 6



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