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SAPST Training Resources Click Here

  • Training PPTS (Sessions 1-4)
  • Participant Binder Contents and Instructions
  • Training Posters
  • SAPST Evaluation Form
  • Fillable SAPST Evaluation Form
  • SAMPLE Certificate of Attendance


Trainer Prep Guide Click Here


SAPST Pre-Requisite Course:

Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Basics (Pre-SAPST Course) Click Here


Sample instructions with link: 

" Required Pre-SAPST Course: In addition to the four, in-person training days, participants are required to complete and pass a 2-3 hour, online pre-SAPST course by Date. Upon passing the course, a five (5) contact-hour certificate can be downloaded. Access Pre-SAPST Course Here. (You will need to create a FREE account to access the pre-requisite course. )"

Send this link: 


Additional Resources:

PTTC Network Support for Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Traning (SAPST) Click Here

SAPST TOT Handouts and Teach-Backs Click Here

A Guide to SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Document Click Here

SAMHSA's Risk and Protective Factors Document Click Here

Webinar: Using Adolescent Development to Inform Prevention Practice: Brain and Behavior Click Here


Engagement Ideas:

Icebreaker Ideas 

Meditation/Breathing Exercises for Meetings/Trainings

  • Start Your Next Meeting with a Minute of Meditation Click Here

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SAPST Training of Trainers Contact Sheet

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