HHS Region: Region 1 - New England

Title: CPS certification not required and position is called Certified Prevention Professional (CPP)

Prevention Experience: 

2,000 hours in Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs prevention

Supervised Prevention Experience: 

Supervised Practicum – 120 hours (a minimum of 10 hours in each of the five prevention performance domains)  

Educational / Training Requirements:

  • 120 total prevention training hours needed with a minimum of 50 hours ATOD specific;
  • Community Organization: 24 hours
  • Planning and Evaluation: 18 hours
  • Education & Skills Development: 24 hours
  • Public Policy & Environmental Change: 12 hours
  • Professional Growth and Responsibility: 12 hours
  • Prevention Ethics: 6 hours 2) No college degree required


Passing score on the IC & RC Prevention Specialist written test

References & Recommendations: 

Three letters of reference (one supervisor, two colleagues)

Pre-IC&RC Certification Level Title: 

Associate Prevention Professional (APP)

Pre- IC&RC Certification Level Requirements: 

  • Associate Prevention Professional (APP) Entry Level Certification – non-reciprocal

  • Complete application packet
  • No IR and RC written test required
  • No degree required
  • Signed code of ethical conduct
  • 36 total prevention training hours needed with 6 hours specific to prevention ethics
  • Written Professional Development Plan

Certification & Licensing Board: 

Connecticut Certification Board (CCB)

Board Website:

Code of Ethics Requirements: 

  • Signed code of ethical conduct

Recertification Requirements: 

  • Not listed
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