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The Cannabis Prevention  Working Group (WG) exists to develop training and technical assistance tools, products, and service, related specifically to cannabis prevention education, that can be deployed across the PTTC Network.  

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Cannabis Use in the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mother What Preventionists Should Know

Cannabis Use in the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mother: What Preventionists Should Know

After attending this webinar from Dr. Sheryl Ryan, viewers should be able to:  1. Describe the biology of cannabis products and the endocannabinoid system. 2. Explain the adverse short and long-term health effects of cannabis products especially during pregnancy and breast-feeding on fetal and neonatal development. 3. Discuss prevention strategies including multi-sector approaches and recommendations for people who are pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding.
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Preventing Underage Cannabis Use: Risk-Protective Factors & Effective Communication

As the landscape of medicinal and adult personal use of cannabis change across the country, prevention practitioners are left with mixed messages about how to address youth cannabis use. Research is catching up to this changing landscape, and new information about how perception of harm and related factors impact youth cannabis use are emerging. This two module webinar course will focus on the research behind those factors, as well as evidence-informed strategies for addressing them.
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Research, Policies, and Practices: Federal and Community-level Perspectives on Vaping

What is the role THC has on the nation’s current vaping crisis? What are the best practices and strategies for vaping prevention? What are specific vaping prevention strategies currently being implemented by two prevention coalitions? This webinar explores these questions and more from national and community experts. The panel discusses the latest data and research on the impact of vaping on youth and communities.
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