Core Competencies for Prevention Professionals

Introduction to Prevention Core Competencies - Course Overview

Prevention Core competencies

Course Description:

The Introduction to the Prevention Core Competencies is a course created by the Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network Coordinating Office (PTTC NCO), in collaboration with Applied Prevention Science International, CADCA, among other partners. This training covers SAMHSA’s Prevention Core Competencies, and is NOT meant to supersede any other national curriculums (ie. SAPST, UPC, etc.), instead this curriculum will add to and enhance the great work of the prevention workforce development leaders in the field. This training is offered in both in-person and online versions.

The course covers a wide variety of topics including prevention science, community organization, need & resource assessment, evidence-based interventions, and more. The Prevention Core Competencies and accompanying knowledge, skills, and abilities offer professional direction to the prevention field, affecting staff development and career ladders and pipelines, and providing guidance for training programs and service delivery qualification.

Course Goals and Objectives

  • Goal 1: Provide an overview of prevention science and its application to practice.
  • Goal 2: Strengthen understanding of the knowledge and skills required to do effective planning and implementation of prevention interventions and services
  • Goal 3: Raise awareness about training and credentialing needs.
  • Goal 4: Encourage the pursuit of further, more specialized training to enhance skills and competencies
  • Learning Objective 1: Describe the key elements of prevention planning and evaluation.
  • Learning Objective 2: Understand the core prevention professional knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Learning Objective 3: Understand the theories and processes that support prevention interventions and policies.
  • Learning Objective 4: Describe evidence-based prevention strategies delivered across settings including the family, school, media, community, or workplace.

Length of Training

The in-person version of the Introduction to the Prevention Core Competencies consists of three full days of training covering six different modules. Some locations may elect to offer a training of trainers (ToT) which will be an additional day and half to two days, depending on the number of participants. The online version of the Introduction to Prevention Core Competencies is a self-paced course covering the same six modules. Participants should anticipate needing at least a total of five to six hours to complete the entire course. At the completion of the course, participants will receive 5.75 CEs. There is not currently an online version of the ToT.

Who Should Take this Training?

The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) in this training are meant for early and mid-career prevention professionals or for seasoned professionals that need a refresher on the fundamentals of prevention science. As stated previously, this training does not take the place of other national curriculums such as SAPST, but it serves as a good option for those wanting to increase their knowledge and better prepare themselves for more specialized training.

Accessing the Online Training:

The online training is available on the learning management system HealthEKnowledge. If you do not have one already, you will need to create a free account to access the training. Once logged into HealtheKnowledge, search for “Introduction to the Prevention Core Competencies” to access the course.

Signing up for In-person Trainings

Live trainings will be scheduled with each PTTC center. Contact your Regional PTTC Center to find out when the next live training is being held near you.

For Trainers - Accessing Training Materials:

Materials for the training consist of a slide-deck, trainers’ manual, and a participant training manual. For in-person trainings, a physical copy of the training manual is not required, but is preferred. It is highly recommended that individuals participate in a Prevention Core Competencies ToT before training the curriculum.

The Introduction to Prevention Core Competencies training materials can be obtained by emailing the PTTC Network Coordinating Office at [email protected].

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