PTTC Network Support for the Virtual SAPST

PTTC Network Support for Virtual SPF: Application for Prevention Success Training (SAPST)


The goal of the SAPST is to develop the basic knowledge and skills needed by substance misuse prevention practitioners to plan, implement, and evaluate effective, data-driven programs and practices that reduce behavioral health disparities and improve wellness. The SAPST is intended as an in-person introductory level course; the PTTC Network recognizes that the SAPST is a foundational component of many state, tribal, and jurisdictional prevention systems and we understand that there is a growing need to deliver the SAPST virtually.

The PTTC network will focus our support of the SAPST curriculum on building and sustaining the capacity of state, tribal, jurisdictional, and organizational prevention systems to deliver the SAPST both in-person and virtually.


To support the virtual delivery of the SAPST curriculum the PTTC Network is:

  • Working with SAPST Trainers who have delivered the SAPST virtually to determine the best practices for effectively delivering the SAPST through a virtual platform.
  • Work with virtual training and instructional design experts to develop a core virtual SAPST curriculum that will include self-paced and moderated modules.
  • Host the core virtual SAPST curriculum on the PTTC Network’s learning management system, Healtheknowledge.
  • Develop and deliver a virtual orientation to the virtual SAPST curriculum for current SAPST Trainers.
  • Provide access and instruction for SAPST trainers to deliver the core virtual SAPST curriculum via Healtheknowledge.
  • Work with state, tribal, jurisdictional, and organizational prevention systems along with SAPST trainers and participants to evaluate the efficacy of the core virtual SAPST curriculum.

The PTTC Network will continue our current SAPST support as well. To stay up-to-date on those efforts please visit:

To take advantage of any of these support opportunities, please contact your regional PTTC office and/or visit the PTTC Network website ( ) for announcements of upcoming trainings and meetings.



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