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PTTC Network Support for the SPF Application for Prevention Success Training (SAPST)


The goal of the SAPST is to develop the basic knowledge and skills needed by substance misuse prevention practitioners to plan, implement, and evaluate effective, data-driven programs and practices that reduce behavioral health disparities and improve wellness. The SAPST is intended as an introductory level course; throughout the course of their careers, prevention practitioners will need additional and more advanced workforce development opportunities beyond the SAPST.


The PTTC Network recognizes that workforce development for entry level prevention practitioners is a foundational component of many state, tribal, and jurisdictional prevention systems and we understand that the SAPST curriculum is deeply embedded as a key workforce development tool in those systems. The PTTC network will focus our support of the SAPST curriculum on building and sustaining the capacity of state, tribal, jurisdictional, and organizational prevention systems to deliver the SAPST and other basic workforce development curricula to their own target populations. This support may take many forms including:


  • Providing regional or cross-regional Training of Trainers on the SAPST curriculum which are open to all interested trainers from across the PTTC network.
  • Developing a diverse cadre of SAPST Master Trainers who can be leveraged by individual prevention systems to build their own team of SAPST Trainers to meet the specific needs of those prevention systems.
  • Building the capacity of the National Guard Counter Drug Civil Operators to serve as an additional resource for SAPST delivery at the community level.
  • Ongoing improvements to the SAPST curriculum to address emerging needs, including updates based on current data on substance misuse patterns and enhancements based on developments in the field of prevention science.
  • Cultural and linguistic adaptation of existing materials to support effective prevention practices in historically marginalized communities. This includes supporting specific adaptations to improve the quality of services for communities served by the National American Indian and Alaska Native PTTC and National Hispanic and Latino PTTC.
  • Assessment and possible expansion of the online SAPST course and exploration of resources and partnerships that can sustain no-cost, reliable access to all online components.
  • Providing ongoing support for SAPST Trainers and Prevention Training System Coordinators in the form of a cross-regional virtual learning community and SAPST materials portal and region-specific peer sharing opportunities.Register here for access to the PTTC Network SAPST Learning Community and Materials Portal: SAPST Learning Community 

To take advantage of any of these support opportunities, please contact your regional PTTC office and/or review the PTTC Network website ( ) for announcements of upcoming trainings and meetings.

SPF: Application for Prevention Success Training changed its name because the PTTC Network understands that words have power. You may find events or references across the PTTC site that utilize the old name for SAPST that does not align with our current commitment to using affirming, person-first language.

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