HHS Region: Region 1 - New England 

Prevention Experience: 

  • 2,000 documented hours of prevention‐related experience in the IC&RC Prevention Performance Domains
  • A minimum of 500 (25%) of the required 2,000 hours must be specific to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs (ATOD) prevention

Supervised Prevention Experience: 

Of 2,000 documented prevention experience hours, a minimum of 120 hours of supervision is required, with at least 10 hours in each domain 


Educational / Training Requirements:

  • 120 hours of documented education/training, according to the breakdown specified below:

  • 24 hours must be related to ATOD, 6 hours to Prevention Ethics, and 31 hours (26 in-person and 5 online) must be obtained through the "Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training" (SAPST) or MPCB-approved SAPST equivalent*. The remaining "other hours" of education/training must be related to the 6 IC&RC Prevention Domains.
  • An applicant may substitute 31 hours of the 3-week (120 hour) CADCA National Training Academy for SAPST, as long as they have attended all three weeks of training; or, an applicant may attend the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) HEA 211 Substance Abuse Prevention course taught by Robert Rogers, Certified SAPST Instructor, or another SAMHSA approved/certified SAPST instructor.
  • Applicants must have perfect attendance at all classes, a certificate of completion from the Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention online course, and a certificate of completion of the UMF Substance Abuse Prevention course.


Applicant must pass a Prevention Specialist Examination administered by IC&RC

References & Recommendations: 

Applicant must submit three professional references

Pre-IC&RC Certification Level Title: 


Pre- IC&RC Certification Level Requirements:


  • Entry-level certification
  • NOT reciprocal with any other state or nation
  • No exam required
  • Complete a PPS Application
  • Provide a signed agreement that they will abide by the PPS Code of Ethics


  • Effective March 1, 2018:
  • In order for a Provisional Prevention Specialist to re-certify for another two years of Provisional status, the applicant must have completed the SAPST (or Board-approved SAPST equivalent) and Prevention Ethics within the first year of PPS certification and an additional 12 hours of training in ATOD within the first two years of PPS certification.

Certification & Licensing Board: 

Maine Prevention Certification Board (MPCB)

Board Website:

Code of Ethics Requirements: 

  • Applicant must sign an Agreement to Abide by the Code of Ethical Standards Form

Recertification Requirements: 

  • Forty (40) hours of documented continuing education is required every two years for re-certification.

  • Six (6) hours must come from an approved Prevention Ethics Training.
  • A re-commitment to the Code of Ethical Standards is required. Applicants are required to resubmit a signed, copy of the Code of Ethical Standards.
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