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February 9, 2022
At the Mid-America PTTC, we believe prevention is better together and that together we are stronger.


It is that belief that has inspired us to launch two new Drug Endangered Children TA-series for our Mid-America region. 


Drug Endangered Children All Hands on DEC

These events bring together DEC alliance members from across the United States to listen and learn about best practices from other leaders in the cause. Each session is unique in focus and allows the participant to consider new ideas and build skills.

Who should attend?

Whether you're a DEC Academy graduate, existing collaborator or want to learn more about partnering in the DEC initiatives of our region (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) these calls are for you!

Register for the April 27th event here:

Register for the July 27th event here:



DEC Connect: a Community of Practice 

As a follow-up to the All Hands on DEC events, these Community of Practice Sessions are designed to be an engaging and immersive learning experience. These sessions will help answer your questions, and practice skill building for participant's to take back tools to their coalition.

Who should attend?

This CoP is for you if you are a DEC Alliance member in our region, or are considering participation in one of our up-coming DEC Academies in Nebraska or Missouri.

Register for our May 25th DEC Connect: a Community of Practice

Register for our August 24th DEC Connect: a Community of Practice



The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children will be joining us for both series!



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