NEW TOOL! Focus on Cannabis Prevention

May 9, 2022

We've created a new Cannabis Prevention resource page to bring together the latest health advisories from the CDC, CADCA, and other federal partners, as well as the health departments and organizations of the six New England States. It is important for the prevention community to know and understand the risks related to cannabis, especially in a time of changing laws, rules, and regulations in the region.



  • Cannabis Health Advisories

  • Toolkits

  • Resources specific to each New England State (interactive map)

  • Resources provided by Federal Agencies

  • National Resources

  • Recent Journal and Research Articles

  • School Admin and Policy Setting

  • Hubs related to Cannabis Prevention

  • Social Media Kits or Posts

  • Where to Find Laws/Policies - Federal and State Level (interactive chart)


View the new Focus on Cannabis Prevention informational resource page.
Focus on Cannabis Prevention
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