Pacific Islands

HHS Region: Region 9 - Pacific Southwest

Educational / Training Requirements:

  • A minimum of one hundred (100) contact hours of ATOD education.
  • 50 hours must be Prevention specific.
  • 50 hours must be relevant to the field of Addiction.
  • Six (6) hours of Prevention Specific Ethics Education, and four (4) hours of HIV/AIDS Education.

Prevention Experience:

  • Two (2) years full-time experience in the ATOD specialty field, or one (1) year if applicant has a bachelor’s degree or higher in a human service field. 
  • (Experience consists of verification of 4,000 hours equals two years or 2,000 hours equals to one year of prevention specific performance related to ATOD.)

Supervised Prevention Experience:

Verification of 120 hours of Supervised Experience in the six (6) performance domains, with a minimum of 10 hours in each domain: 

  • Domain Weight on Exam:  
  • Planning and Evaluation 30% 
  • Prevention Education and Service Delivery 15% 
  • Communication 13% (Recently Added)
  • Community Organization 15%  
  • Public Policy and Environmental Change 12% 
  • Professional Growth and Responsibility  15%


Code of Ethics: Signed documentation to abide by the Certified Prevention Specialists Code of Ethics.

Pacific Substance Abuse Mental Health Certification Board (PSAMHCB) mailto:[email protected]

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