HHS Region: Region 4 - Southeast

Prevention Experience: 

2000 hours of prevention experience across the domains. Experience should be across the domains rather than substance abuse only.

Supervised Prevention Experience: 

120 hours specific to the domains with a minimum of ten hours in each domain.

Educational / Training Requirements:

  • 120 hours across all domains of which 24 must be ATOD specific with 6 hours of Prevention Ethics.  
  • Jurisdictions can have more hours and specific hours if they choose.


Applicants must pass the IC&RC PS Examination.

Pre-IC&RC Certification Level Title: Associate Prevention Specialist

Pre- IC&RC Certification Level Requirements:

  • Associate Prevention Specialist
  •  One year of experience in Prevention (2000 hours or 240 Direct Service hours)
  • 75 hours of substance abuse education training.  50% must be in prevention.
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Supervisor(s) Evaluations and two (2) colleague evaluations.
  • Must be supervised by a CPS or CPM (or) one who meets the criteria for the same, including but limited to the required education of Prevention Specific AIDS/HIV Education/Prevention Ethics and Disruptive Audience.
  • Signed “Code of Ethics” and “Releases.”
  • Additional Required Education: (4) hours of AIDS/HIV education; (6) hours of Ethics education; (4) hours of Disruptive Audience Behavior education
  • Must reside or work in Alabama at least 51% of the time.

Advanced Title: 

Certified Prevention Manager (CPM)+N2

Advanced Requirements:

  • Same as CPS, plus three (3) years of managerial/supervisory experience in substance abuse prevention.

Certification & Licensing Board:

Alabama Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association (AADAA)

  • Board Website:

Code of Ethics Requirements: 

  • Applicants must sign a prevention specific code of ethics statement or affirmation statement.

Recertification Requirements: 

  • 20 hours of continuing education earned every year.

Alabama Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association (AADAA)

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