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The Marketing and Communications Workgroup created this website to improve prevention marketing and to build systems capacity through increased collaboration and integration among prevention professionals. This collection of resources meets these goals by providing a place for you to find prevention marketing materials which help communicate to interest groups what the work you do looks like, and by connecting you with others who are doing similar work.  Please feel free to share the items you see on this webpage on your websites and social media, use in publications, or for trainings and meetings. You are welcome and encouraged to include your own contact information on any of these items so your community will know to contact you for more information.

For more information on including your contact information on materials other organizations created, check out our infographic on co-branding here.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Prevention?
  2. Prevention 101
  3. How to Advocate for Prevention
  4. Courses and Webinars
  5. How to Tell a Better Story
  6. Using Social Media Graphics
  7. Success Stories and Testimonials
  8. Building Your Prevention Program
  9. Acknowledgements

What is Prevention?

These links help communicate the goals and strategies of prevention to your community and interest groups. They provide a starting point and are good “basic” resources that will help any person get a 101 level understanding of what our substance misuse prevention work looks like.

  • What Is Prevention - This recorded presentation (33 minutes), developed by the Pacific SW PTTC orients viewers to the field of primary substance misuse prevention. Viewers will gain basic insight into primary prevention concepts such as risk and protective factors, evidence-based interventions, the Strategic Prevention Framework, and the coalition model.

Prevention 101 Slides

When presenting to audiences who are new or unfamiliar with prevention, especially those lacking fundamental knowledge, consider offering introductory information. This slide deck is designed to help you quickly communicate what the work of prevention is about. Customize it to your organization's requirements or incorporate slides into existing presentations. Save time by sharing your community efforts with interest groups without starting from scratch.

Click here to download, edit, and customize this slide deck to match your organization and community.

How to Advocate for Prevention

These resources empower you to effectively advocate for your work. Whether engaging with policymakers on the significance of prevention, discussing school-based support with educators, or conversing with funders, advocacy is integral to your efforts. Utilize these resources as a solid foundation for your advocacy journey.

Courses and Webinars

Watch these videos to learn how to improve your prevention marketing: 



How to Tell a Better Story

Using Social Media Graphics

Are you looking for social media graphics to post on your social media? The PTTC and ORN have created a library of social media graphics for you to use. The graphics include content to help your community grasp prevention basics. Tailored for Facebook and Instagram, these graphics are versatile for other platforms too. Click on the format that best fits your needs: gif | mp4

Success Stories and Testimonials

These videos highlight preventionists who are doing this work with success! Seeing other people talk about how prevention has worked well in their communities can be inspirational and help interested individuals to understand what this work can look like. These videos can be shared on social media, in presentations, or on websites. 

View and share these videos of prevention specialists describing their successes: 

Building Your Prevention Program

These regional and national resources can be great resources for you to get to know to build your own prevention library and knowledge. They also provide great resources you can use and share with your community, as well as trainings and technical assistance. 

Use this how-to, one-page document to map out the resources you can connect with in your community.

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