Women and Opioid Use: The Missing Link in Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

June 4, 2023
Margaret Brommelsiek, Ph.D.
WOMEN AND OPIOID USE: The Missing Link in Prevention, Treatment and Recovery
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Women’s use and misuse of substances create unique challenges, especially in treatment and recovery from opioids. Medical research on substance use by women, along with other health-related concerns, is largely lacking, especially research specific to women and their physiological differences and tolerance of substances to that of men. In the case of opioids, this is significant. The exclusion of women in addressing the opioid epidemic in research has created a crucial knowledge gap for ensuing successful prevention, treatment, and recovery for women who use, misuse, or addicted to opioids.

Key Points:Women and Opioid Use Cover

  • Women with OUD face unique challenges
  • The connection between OUD and IPV is significant
  • Stigmatization of women with OUD delays recovery
  • A gendered approach to prevention and treatment is necessary
  • A collaborative multi-agency approach for serving women with OUD is crucial



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