January 17th Webinar Prevention in Action

Prevention in Action: Building the Foundation for a Recovery Ready Community (New England PTTC - HHS Region 1)

1:00pm - January 17, 2023 | Timezone: US/Eastern
New England PTTC
Registration Deadline: January 17, 2023
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Contact us at [email protected]
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Time: 1:00 PM—2:00 PM EST

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Join us for a Prevention in Action webinar to learn about how the Pathways to Recovery Consortium in Somerset County, ME is working across their community to increase understanding of substance use disorder, decrease stigma, and work towards becoming a Recovery-Ready Community.


About the webinar: This webinar is hosted by the New England PTTC, a program funded through the SAMHSA. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for 1 contact hour; no partial credit will be awarded.