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Epidemiological Needs Assessment Guidance Document

HHS Region 9 Epidemiologists and Prevention Planners can use this Guidance Document for conducting Epidemiological Needs Assessment.

Data Collection During COVID-19 Pt. 1 (Webinar)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced prevention professionals to move their work into a virtual environment, creating numerous challenges including data collection. The first webinar of this three-part webinar series on collecting data online during a public health emergency will revisit the Strategic Prevention Framework’s (SPF) Step 1: Needs Assessment and describe its increased value during a public health emergency. We will explore general best practices for conducting needs assessments, and discuss methods and resources to support ongoing needs assessment given the current challenging environment, as well as strategies to sustain online data collection beyond the COVID-19 pandemic where it may be preferred than traditional in-person methods in some instances.

Drug Overdose Factsheet

HHS Region 9 State Factsheet on Drug Overdose by Drug Type in 2020 can be accessed below.

Suicide-Related Mortality Factsheet

HHS Region 9 State Factsheet on Suicide-Related Mortality in 2020 can be accessed below.

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