Alcohol Industry Influences on Underage Drinking (HHS Region 1)

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The alcohol industry knows its message: That alcohol is part of having fun, having friends, playing sports, or being sexy or manly. This webinar will focus on the influence of advertising and alcohol industry practices on underage drinking. Presenters will provide a thorough inspection of industry practices that get kids’ attention with a special emphasis on emerging high risk alcohol products, which are defined as products that are produced, marketed or advertised in a way that creates an unreasonable risk of being attractive to teens or kids. Presenters describe and provide examples in 7 categories of high risk products, such as products designed to be “healthy”, youthfully packaged, flavorings, and the creation of alcoholic versions of beverages that are traditionally teen-oriented (and non-alcoholic). The session will also examine the role of social media in promoting these products.


The webinar will be presented by members of Dover Youth to Youth, a nationally recognized youth empowerment program based in Dover, NH. The webinar will also include an overview of the Dover program, their model of youth empowerment, and examples of advocacy taken in response to alcohol industry practices and influences on underage drinking.  Attendees will be provided with access to training materials sufficient to allow them to replicate a “High Risk Alcohol Products” awareness presentation in their own community. This training is ideal for community coalitions addressing underage drinking and other prevention professionals, particularly those working with youth advocates.



At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by Emerging High Risk Alcohol Products and use the list of 7 categories high risk alcohol products to identify products of concern.
  • Describe how social media amplifies awareness of high risk alcohol products.
  • Evaluate alcohol products found in their community and determine how many high risk categories it falls into.
  • Describe 3 examples of community activism related to high risk alcohol products that could be replicated in their community – including how to access the materials needed to replicate a High Risk Alcohol Products presentation in your community. 


About the webinar: This webinar is hosted by the New England (HHS Region 1) Prevention Technology Transfer Center in response to an identified need for additional training on environmental strategies to address alcohol misuse. The New England PTTC is supported through a cooperative agreement from SAMHSA. Participants will receive a certificate of participation for 1.5 contact hours (no partial credit will be awarded).


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