Cannabis Pharmacology for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners Online Course

Cannabis Pharmacology for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners is a 4.5 hour self-paced course that provides important information on what prevention professionals need to know about cannabis. Dr. Hayden Center presents the following 3-part series:


  • The Effects of Cannabis
  • Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain
  • Cannabis Pharmacology


The ideal audience for this training is prevention organizations/coalitions and the prevention professionals serving at the local, state, regional and/or national levels that would like to learn and/or review updated and science-based information on cannabis to be better equipped to serve their communities.This can include coalition members, agencies, sector representatives and partners, volunteer staff, and other key partners, stakeholders, and collaborators. This training can also be appropriate for the broader public, with interest in the role cannabis policies is impacting, informing, influencing and shaping changes in their communities.

This training was developed by the PTTC Cannabis Prevention Working Group, with special support from the New England PTTC (1 H79 SP081020-01).

About the PTTC Cannabis Prevention Working Group:The mission of the PTTC Network Cannabis Prevention Work Group is to develop training and technical assistance tools, products, and service, related specifically to cannabis risk education and prevention, that can be deployed across the nation.

Starts: Oct. 1, 2022 12:49 am
Ends: Sep. 30, 2023 12:49 am
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