Fellowship Symposium: Tools for the Substance Misuse Prevention Workforce on the Changing Landscape of Cannabis in New England (HHS Region 1)

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Link to view the recorded webinar (recorded on November 9, 2022).

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Join the New England PTTC and the 2022 Fellows to learn about the six new research-based tools and resources created for the New England substance misuse prevention workforce to support their work in the Changing Landscape of Cannabis, with a focus on the IC & RC Prevention Domains.


Resources include:

  • A Practical guide to introduce and assist preventionists on how to leverage social media as an environmental change strategy for cannabis prevention and adoption of health-promoting norms in school and community settings 
  •  A thought piece that applies lessons learned from underage drinking and tobacco use prevention programs to the evolving landscape of cannabis use this paper takes a restorative approach and provide recommendations to communities based on the successes and shortcomings of these programs.
  • A presentation/ToolKit municipalities can use to learn about the implications of allowing retail cannabis businesses to operate in their community the tool kit will cover a variety of data-driven considerations communities may want to review and discuss prior to making any decisions.
  • A communication frame that will compassionately educate parents caregivers and youth on the potential harms of cannabis use on young brains while reducing stigma.
  • A new and improved multipronged cannabis prevention education tool to be used in an alternative to suspension programs the tool could be a standalone product for other school districts and community coalitions to use as an alternative to suspension program.
  • A tool kit that prevention professionals and communities working on cannabis-related policy improvement can use to help support prevention and public health at a community level.

Join us to learn about the RAD Fellowship program, learn about these new products, and ask the Fellows questions.


About the program: The New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center Research and Design (RAD) Fellowship program is an opportunity for professionals who have been in the field of prevention for five or more years to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team to develop an innovative piece of research and accompanying tool for the benefit of the workforce at large. This program will support a seven-month term, during which the Fellows will each create a tool or product around a central, priority subject area. At the end of the program, the Fellows will present their products to the workforce in a symposium meant to demonstrate how the products should and can be used. 

Priority Subject Area for 2022: The Changing Landscape of Cannabis in New England with a focus on the IC & RC Domains.

To see 2021's Fellowship Products on Diversity and Intentional Inclusion in New England, CLICK HERE.

To read about the 2022 Fellows and their work, CLICK HERE.

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