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School Of Best Practices: Funding Options and Program Sustainability with Dodi Swope

This workshop will explore the impact of the pandemic on funding for the prevention sector, review what remains relevant and what has changed in regard to sustainability planning and share funding strategies and options for prevention programs and coalitions in these changing times.


School Of Best Practices: Management Skills and Navigating Office/Workplace Change for substance misuse prevention leaders with Robert Kenney

“Where do we go from here?” To say we have experienced an abundance of change over the last sixteen months would be an enormous understatement. Whether you and your team are bouncing back from changes in funding, substance use trends, community transitions, changes in your priorities, or the day-to-day challenges associated with planned change, this session offers practical options for the effective management of change. Through in-class discussions, assessments, feedback/advice sharing, and take-away resources, this interactive opportunity addresses how to best navigate the planning of a change initiative and the impact that a change will have on your organization, the communication requirements to facilitate a deliberate or unexpected change, the differences in how people respond to change and what we can do to help them transition to our “new normal,” and how to bounce back from a change through strengthened personal and team resilience. While we cannot control all of the changes that come to us, we can control our reactions to these changes and often our preparation for what comes next.


School Of Best Practices: Advanced Ethics with Sandra Del Sesto

The Advanced Ethics in Prevention provides experienced prevention professionals an in-depth exploration of the role of ethics in prevention work and their capacity to apply the Prevention Code of Ethics’ six key principles (non-discrimination, confidentiality, competence, integrity, nature of services, ethical obligations for community and society) and utilize a decision-making model to resolve ethical dilemmas. Participants must have taken the basic Ethics in Prevention course as a pre-requisite.

OBJECTIVES: Participants will:

  • Review the Prevention Code of Ethics.
  • Identify ethical issues related to prevention topics;
  • Use an ethical decision-making process to apply the Prevention Code of Ethics to real-life ethical situations
  • What is the Advanced Ethics in Prevention training?
  • In-person course of study in ethics in substance misuse preventio for experienced or supervising/senior prevention practitioners
  • Based on the Prevention Think Tank’s Prevention Code of Ethics’ six principles.
  • Provides in-depth exploration of knowledge and skills regarding ethical responsibilities and practices, including the use of a formalized ethical decision making process.

What is covered? Review: Six principles of the Prevention Code of Ethics; Apply: Ethical Decision Making Process; Share: Strategies for applying ethical principles to navigate difficult situations


School Of Best Practices: 459.Th (Thursday) PTTC: Advanced Prevention Series: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Behavioral Health with Nicole M Augustine, MPH, MCHES, CPS

Many of us know and agree that diversity, equity, and inclusion are important considerations in prevention practice. In this session, we will discuss actions steps, both personally and professionally, to bringing the conversation on equity to life. Come prepared to roll up your virtual sleeves and get to work on building equity into our prevention practices.


School Of Best Practices: Reducing stigma around substance use disorders for prevention specialists and leaders with Duncan Dwyer



One GPRA was administered at the end of the event, for all sessions.

Starts: Aug. 26, 2021 9:00 am
Ends: Aug. 26, 2021 5:00 pm
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August 22, 2021
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