The Wonder of Recovery Friendly Workplaces (HHS Region 1)

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In honor of National Recovery Month, HHS Region 1 would like to highlight the important role of recovery friendly workplaces. 


The four major dimensions of recovery remain: Home, Community, Health and Purpose which have been critical pillars on the road to recovery. The Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative promotes individual wellness by empowering workplaces to provide support for people recovering from a substance use disorder.

This initiative speaks to the strength and hope that Purpose provides, bringing meaningful daily activities such as a job, school, volunteerism, family caretaking, or creative endeavors, and income, that helps to participate fully in society. The webinar will provide an overview of the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative; An IBEW perspective; Employer Involvement, Powerful Employee Testimony, and the important role of RFWs in Economic Mobility.



  • Taylor Bryan Turner, Assistant Regional Director, SAMHSA Region 1
  • Sam Lewandowski, Program Director, NH Governor’s Recovery Friendly Workplace
  • Greg Williams, North Country Health Consortium
  • Mark Bonta, Genfoot
  • Elaine Zimmerman, Regional Administrator, ACF
  • Jay Frasier and guest, IBEW
  • Everett Handford, Regional Director, HHS, Office of the Secretary, IEA Region 1
  • Closing by Shawn Cannizzaro 


And other esteemed guests!

Click this link to view a recording of the webinar

Click the link below to download resources shared during the webinar:

The Wonder of Recovery Friendly Workplace Resource Page

Starts: Sep. 28, 2023 1:00 pm
Ends: Sep. 28, 2023 2:00 pm
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September 28, 2023
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