Announcing the New England PTTC Fellowship Program (HHS Region 1)

January 11, 2021

This program is intended for professionals in HHS Region 1 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont).


The New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center Fellowship program is an opportunity for professionals who have been in the field of prevention for 5 or more years to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team to develop an innovative piece of research and accompanying tool for the benefit of the workforce at large. This program will support a seven-month term, during which the fellows will each create a tool or product around a central, priority subject area, and at the end of the program, the fellows will present their products to the workforce in a symposium meant to demonstrate how the products should and can be used. 


The goal of the program is twofold: First, it supports the advanced development of skills for prevention professionals who have experience in the field so that they can continue to grow professionally. Fellows can expect to be credited with the creation of their product by the New England PTTC, where the products will be housed, and each Fellow may use the product as they see fit within their own career advancement. Second, the program creates new and original research and products which are specific to the New England region to support prevention professionals at all levels of experience. Each fellow will create their own product or tool using their research, and all six fellows will work together to be sure that their products complement one another and can be used in concert. 


The program will optimally have one fellow from each of the six New England states and will provide each fellow with a working stipend of $10,000 upon completion of the program term. The term will begin in May of 2021 and will complete after the symposium, scheduled for November 2021. Each Fellow is expected to attend three collaborative meetings, a technical meeting prior to the symposium, and the symposium itself. Fellows will then remain active alumni of the program after completion of the term and may reapply for future terms of the program if desired. 


Ideal candidates for the program have some experience with research and development and will be in contact with another professional who can offer them additional research and development guidance if necessary. Candidates will have the ability to work over the course of several months on the production of a tool or resource and will be able to work with a team on the presentation of the final products. Candidates can apply for the New England Fellowship Program from January 12, 2021, to March 12, 2021. 


Learn more and apply at (you'll need a google account to view the form):


Need more information? Contact us at [email protected]

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