February: Celebrate Black history and explore prevention approaches to build health equity and inclusion

February 4, 2022

The month of February is dedicated to honoring and embracing Black history. During this month-long observance, we celebrate Black achievements honoring the triumphs and struggles of Black Americans throughout history. This year's theme, Black Health and Wellness, acknowledges the legacy of Black scholars, medical practitioners, and health care workers whose activities and initiatives have positively impacted the health and wellness of racial and ethnic minority communities. We encourage you to take time this month to share Black history, celebrate prominent Black Figures & their contributions, and take stock of systemic racism.


As public health prevention professionals’ culture & identity are key in our efforts to build health equity and inclusion. Explore the resources below to learn how individuals and organizations can continue to create change this month and all year long.



Celebrate Prominent Black Figures in the History of Medicine and Public Health who have:


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  • #BlackHistoryProfiles
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  • #PreventionBuildingHealthEquity
  • #PreventionIntentionalInclusion



February Black History Month
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